DVDs & Master’s Thesis “the Lindy”


Lindy Instructional DVDs & Videos

$50 each:

• Beginning Lindy

• Intermediate Lindy

• Advanced Intermediate Lindy (VHS only)

• Lindy Swing Outs (VHS only)

• Lindy Syncopations (VHS only)

Other Instructional Videos

$40 each:

• Shim Sham

• Jitterbug Stroll

Masters Thesis DVDs & Videos

$60 each; $240 for complete set, which includes a free copy of the written thesis.  Each video is approximately 2 hours, or more, in length:             

Tape 1: Frankie Manning

Tape 2: George Lloyd

Tape 3: Charlie Meade

Tape 4: Tom Lewis

Written Thesis

$20 each:

“The Lindy”, Margaret’s 104 page New York University master’s thesis covers the origins and evolution of the Lindy, and the various dance styling of four excellent Lindy dancers: Frankie Manning, George Lloyd, Charlie Meade and Tom Lewis.  Each dancer is the focus of one the four two-hour+ videos, that cover their dancing, personal history and views about  the Lindy. 

Read the Review of “The Lindy” by George Woolley.

Shipping Charges

• $5 for a single DVD or video ($10 for outside US)

• $10 for 2 to 4 DVDs or videos ($20 for outside US)

• $10 for written thesis alone ($30 shipping out of US)

• $20 for complete set of thesis DVDs including written thesis ($40 for outside US)

Payment Terms

• Check or cash accepted

• There are no refunds or exchanges

Send payments to:

Margaret Batiuchok

504 East. 63rd Street / #35-R

New York, NY 10065

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