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Saturday February 11, 2017 Celebrating the  fabulous late great NYSDS supporter, “Diva”,  our very own

                               DAWN HAMPTON

                 Happy New Year!

There are no NYSDS events yet scheduled for the new year but there is this!

This is not a NYSDS event but we wanted you to know about this tribute to our dear NYSDS supporter the late great diva Dawn Hampton on Saturday February 11, 2017

All day - 4PM tribute in theater, than a dinner feast and big dance celebration to two bands!  George Gee and Ron Sunshine until midnight!

Please let everyone know! It is almost sold out!

If you want to go-  get your tickets now for an unforgettable Dawn Hampton celebration on Feb.11 

tickets at  (credit cards and paypal)  

Or- Tickets can also be ordered by mail with a check or money order made out to the Frankie Manning Foundation,  But hurry!!

Tickets are $45 per person for the full 3-part avent ( no partial fees) 

Mail to:

Dawn Event

c/o Judy Pritchett

92 Willowdale Ave 2nd Flr

Montclair NJ 07042


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Through the National FastDance Association, this multi-day

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