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Join us for our Fall Festival of Fabulous Female Divas!

Singing,, enchanting us with their mellifluous tones and stellar bands:

Sunday  Oct 5  -  Svetlana and the Delancey 5

Sunday  Nov 9  -  Margi and the Dapper Dots

And our holiday dance, Sunday Dec 7 -  Molly Ryan and her Seven Deadly Sinners!


Past Dances:

Sunday June 22  NYSDS in conjunction with

band: George Gee Orchestra

Join us for our last dance of the season before our summer break!

We will be dancing, Sunday June 22, with the George Gee Orchestra. Admission includes a free beginning swing dance lesson with Odysseus Bailer at 7pm.

Also, to honor Frankie Manning's 100th birthday, there is a Special additional workshop at 7 on Frankie Manning's choreography of the Big Apple performed by Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers in the movie 'Keep Punching'

taught by Harvest Moon Winner Margaret Batiuchok, possibly to be performed to slower music so you can all join in at Midsummer Night Swing on Margaret's night, the closing night. The fee of $25 includes a $5 discount to dance.

With this June dance, We are pleased once again to be part of the BABBLE Dance weekend. Check out for other activities over the weekend.

Also, we hope to see you on the dance floor at Midsummer Night Swing this summer!

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NYSDS location and details of dance: St. Jean Baptiste Church (184 East 76th Street) has a beautiful floor, is right by the #6 subway at Lexington Avenue and 77th Street. Beer and wine are available. Doors open at 7 pm. There is a program, usually a dance lesson offered free with admission from 7-8 pm. There is continuous music from 8 PM to midnight with a live band and  a DJ between sets.

General Admission is $18; Students (with photo ID) and Seniors - $14.

Pre-recorded Dance Schedule & Voice Mail 212-NY-NYSDS (212-696-9737).

To join our e-mail list, contact

The New York Swing Dance Society was the group most responsible for the resurgence of Swing dance in New York in the 1980s when few in the general public knew what swing was. Founded in 1985 (the Cat Club its 1st home) by a group of 10 friends, Margaret Batiuchok one of them, Margaret met Frankie Manning while she was rehearsing with Norma Millers Jazz Dancers. Frankie came out to the NYSDS Swing night at the Cat Club and began performing with Margaret and getting more involved in the scene. Margaret suggested doing the Shim Sham at every dance and Frankie agreed to lead it! It became a worldwide tradition!. He choreographed for, and danced with the NYSDS Performance Group and became a Board Member and friend to us all. The NYSDS was a mecca for all generations, races, and level of dancers, and the weekly dances consistently drew 300-500 dancers. Margaret with masters such as Al Leagens, Frankie Manning, George Lloyd, Charlie Meade, Dawn Hampton, and Buster Brown danced socially and performed there regularly. It is where visitors Sylvia Sykes, Ryan Francois, Steve Mitchell and others, met and Lindy hopped. A not for profit run by volunteers, in its 29th year, the NYSDS provides live orchestras, DJs during the breaks, lessons before, and dance performances of all styles of dance and great swing and tap. Margaret, president since 1996 and one of the founding volunteer board members, has hired all the bands since it’s 1980s start, (including such greats as Panama Francis, George Kelly, Vince Giordano, Illinois Jacquet, George Gee, Harlem Blues and Jazz band, Al Cobbs, Widespread Jazz, Swing Fever, Stan Rubin, Bob January, and many others weekly). There have been 3 or 4 other presidents in the early years including Gabby WInkel, Bob Crease, Michael Clancey and Jerry Goralnick. The NYSDS started swing dances at the Cat Club, moved to the ViIlage Gate, Irving Plaza, Jacks, SOBs, the Croatian Center, and now resides at the beautiful space St Jean’s on 184 E 76th St at Lexington Ave.

The New York Swing Dance Society (NYSDS) is a not-for-profit arts organization, in its 30th year, dedicated

to the revival and promotion of Swing Dance to live and recorded Big Band music. The NYSDS is organized under

the New York Foundation for the Arts.

Margaret Batiuchok, President and Co-Founder


Past dances:

Sunday May 18 NYSDS 29th Anniversary!

with Ron Sunshine and His Orchestra and DJ Tomo           Dance lesson with Karen Goldstein


Sunday May 25 ---Celebrating Frankie Manning!

Special Master Class with Lindy Hop Legend George Sullivan 7 PM before the dance: in addition to the beginner's class at 7 which is free with admission, we are having a special Master Class at 7 PM with  Harvest Moon Ball legends -Savoy Ballroom's George Sullivan (Harvest MoonBall Winner 1955 with Sugar Sullivan) in from Florida for the Frankie 100 events, and Frankie's partner for the 80s Margaret Batiuchok (Harvest Moon Ball winner with George Lloyd in 1983) of 

fee for Master class $25. You get $5 off the dance admission if you take this lesson.

Beginning lesson: (free with admission) Simone Coonrod

Band: The Gerard Carelli Orchestra-Gerard Carelli trombonist/singer won a chair with the Ray Charles Orchestra and his current band specializes in Rat Pack Jazz & Swing - played for Frankie and the New York Swing Dance Society for over 20 years.    DJ:  Odysseus

This Dance for Frankie is part of

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Current Board Members Margaret Batiuchok  (President), Frank Werber, (Treasurer), Eric Silvey (emcees)

Founding Members- Margaret Batiuchok. Michael Clancey, Robert Crease, Amy D’Aiuta (De Rosa), Jerry Goralnick, Carol Grassini (Grecki), Pat Porter, David Wend, Frank Werber, Nancy West, John Wise

Other Subsequent Board Members: Teddy Kern, Lianne Lynch (Schoenwiesner), Frankie Manning, Alice McInerney, Odella Schattin, Eric Silvey, Gabby Winkel

Past Presidents: Michael Clancey, Robert Crease,  Gabby Winkel, Jerry Goralnick

Special Projects: Monica Coe (Performance Group), Robert Crease (Editor Footnotes Newsletter), Jerry Feldman and Celia Gianfrancesco (fliers), Karen Goldstein (Performance Group, "Frankies 80th called Can't Top the Lindy Hop")), Laura Jeffers (Performance Group), Karen Kahn (mailings), Kathy Lacommare (Frankies 80th), Jun Maruta (teachers), Alice McInerney (Treasurer), Pat McLaughlin (Performance Group), Cynthia Millman (Frankies 80th), Stuart Math (Frankie's 80th), Bruce Nelligan (Frankies 80th),  Stewart Newfeld (website), David Rosenstock (house manager), Odella Schattin (Treasurer, Frankies 80th), Jonathan White and Naomi Gross (phones), Gabby Winkel (Editor Footnotes Newsletter)